3 Simple steps to people's cell phones saying you're world-class!

This Search Engine Help Portal is the closest thing to a one size fits all Small to Medium sized business tool for Search Engine Management.

Get your own:

  • monthly search update
  • real-time review tracking
  • custom feedback generation page
  • keyword gauging
  • text and email marketing
  • search analytics
  • [custom] local search
  • menus
  • uber to your location code
  • industry specific (restaurant/healthcare/etc.)
  • slang paraphrased search
  • voice search compatible
  • and then some... business search management


There is a benefit of updating listings for search engine recommendations

See what you look like with this free Search Engine scan

View how your location looks on the top 100+ search engines.

We get your system set up, and ready to go. 

We will need a couple voice/email chats to get the search engines pointing in your direction (these search criteria/citations/"algorithms" are manageable & need a human's help).

This is all covered in the $398/mo... because it takes people's thinking skills using the right web tools to make customer service work in today's smartphone focused business environment.

Don't worry about this... we got you covered.

A. A singular point of contact who you can reach by email/voice/text.

B. Whenever you come across something you think represents your business/ organization/ industry... just send it over & we'll add it to the next scheduled update.

C. Social media daily posting 7 days a week.

Every day we hand-pick and create the best content; Industry-Relevant Articles, Promotional Posts Linking To Your Website. Your business offers, deals, discounts, events and pictures shared as you provide them to us. We will also post: (if suitable)

• Memes, Gifs and Pics • Inspirational Quotes • Advice and Tips • Customer Reviews/Testimonials • Questions • On This Day in History • And More •

D. Semi-weekly engagement of one LinkedIn page or profile with respectful, friendly and targeted customer service chatting. 

E. Your own portal login to oversee our work managing your business information, customer service and marketing (on the screens we all use to look up businesses). 

F. Your Cell.Marketing helper manages your business' customer service, reviews, marketing, etc... which almost always makes use of our cell phones now.

G. We would love for you (and/or someone from your organization) to check out our 13 week orientation - included, but not required... of course.

** Any client with over $500/mo in ongoing DIY and Cell.Marketing products and services combined qualifies for 0% markup on DIY products.

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