Our four part cycle:

Cell Marketing cycle of customer service as marketing

Portal Signup Options:

This gives you access to the top Customer Service as Marketing Portal available today. Authorize your brand across the myriad of Search Engines.

Add an answering machine (chat option) to your website, and register your website as a search engine on knowledge graph.

Your own Cell.Marketing rep will walk with you - fine tuning how to best use your Search Engine Portal... every step of the way.

Includes everything in Portal 1, plus...

Expand your Search Engine Portal's access to include Social Media posting from Facebook to Foursquare. Suppress duplicate listings from poaching your good name, and monitor the chatter about you brand across the Search Engine Network.

You will also have your own designated Cell.Marketing Rep. manage your Portal, your Review responses and your agreed upon Campaign Plan with daily availability and a bi-weekly 5 minute update call with you.

Includes everything in Portal 1 and 2, plus...

All the tools you need to provide world-class customer service across today's network of Search Engines. Listen, and respond to questions. Answer FAQs once and allow all your future clients to have immediate access to your answers. Everything from tracking the keywords used about you which carry the most sentiment to analyzing comparison data with five (5) competitors.

Your Cell.Marketing team will average one (1) hour/day on your priorities/plan, with full team managment based on your direction.

This is THE Customer Service as Search Marketing Portal.


* With Portal

Included in Portals 2 & 3

  • 1A: Authorize your website on Search Engine knowledge graph - $9/Mo
  • 1B: Review Monitoring - $18/Mo
  • 1C: Competitive Intelligence - $31/Mo
  • 1D: Designated C.M Rep. to manage your Portal - $192

Included in Portal 3

  • 2A: Review Generation - $13/Mo
  • 2B: Review Response - $18/Mo
  • 2C: Google Q&A Connection Service - $18/Mo
  • 2D: 1 hr/day by Cell.Marketing Team - $627/Mo
    • Exchangeable based on "Extra People Hours" options below*

Specialty Search Engines:

  • Search#1: Search Engines for Healthcare ($13/mo)
  • Search#2: Search Engines for Food ($31/mo)

*Extra People Hours:

  • 1 hr/day by Cell.Marketing Team - $627/Mo
  • 2.5 hrs/day by Cell.Marketing Team - $1468/Mo
  • 1 hr/mo work; Reoccurring monthly - $60/Mo
  • 1 hr custom work; One time need - $98/Mo


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