3 things we do each month:

1. We add info. to your Search Referral Broadcast Portal

Fill out and sync 100+ free Search Engine websites, Referral tools from text to email requests to your own referral website... using the best Search Engine and Referral Generation Software available.

2. We Run the Plan to prompt Target's Action

Our businesses today have many front doors from Social Media to Web forms to flyers to videos... we build a plan with you to reach your target audience through consistently excellent customer service.

3. Semi-monthly 5 minute 1 on 1 updates with you

This is a non-negotiable! While you only need to forward us the articles and links which you would like to share, Customer Service Marketing must intertwine your business' daily life with these other Internet Storefronts.

We are a boutique operation; We only serve organizations which are committed to excellent customer service.

Customer Service cannot be fully automated.

This all starts with a conversation, because customers are people who converse.


Is tomorrow really going to look any different than today?

How many new people are you going to use for these tasks, before you hire a professional to help?


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