4 parts of today's Customer Service as Marketing cycle:

1. Build Reputation Foundation info

How late are your doors open? What products and services do you offer? To answer complex questions like these, you need to manage all the facts about your business - and how your answers relate to each other. All you do is forward us what you find, and we got you covered.

2. Publish it to the Search Engines

Our software manages your Information Base with more than 100 websites used as Search Engines, including Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Maps, Facebook, and many more — so customers receive accurate answers wherever and whenever they're asking questions

3. Public Customer Service

Customer Service Marketing must intertwine your business' daily life with these other Internet Storefronts. Manage, measure and grow your reputation through reviews and tracking analytics of where and how people interact with your business (on and off your websites).

4. Compare Stats & Keep it up to date

We require that we will have a 5 minute call every other week to keep your reputation updated and live. See where and how your visitors interact with you business, your impressions, click and conversations so that you can see what your visitors are looking for, how you compare to your competitors, and more. (repeat 4 part cycle)

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Package Sizes:

1. Build Reputation Foundation Features:


Web Customer Service Portal

Rich Media Syndication

Social Location Page Posting
















We are a boutique operation; We only serve organizations which are committed to excellent customer service.

Customer Service cannot be fully automated.

This all starts with a conversation, because customers are people who converse.


Is tomorrow really going to look any different than today?

How many new people are you going to use for these tasks, before you hire a professional to help?


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