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With all the other digital marketing demands, most local businesses need more time to show up on Google searches.  

We have a standard setup required for most clients and baseline, a la carte, and campaign discounts on packages to manage ongoing digital communication with your referral partners.

#searchToMATO is our branded product for a personalized Knowledge Graph published online.

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Customer experiences: 

Digital Marketing Company | Cell Marketing

"I'm a plumber. I knew I'd be successful, but I needed to plub and quit worrying about how to get Google to work right. Thanks for helping me get things going."

Chuck the Waterguy

Digital marketing for small business clients using Search ToMATO

"I know you just set me up a decade ago, but I haven't had to do anything else since then."

Pat Tabor at Tabor-Rice Funeral Home

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Effective communication management entails building authentic relationships, establishing trust, and delivering consistent value. Then, we communicate the stories of your value to your referral partners.

Our 2-step process

Take control of what you're saying to your customers

Claim, and organize, your businesses information that is being delivered to your customers.

We will walk through the process together to set you up to be able to intentionally communicate your business info and updates to your customers.

Keep your information updated and flowing

Nothing is more annoying than looking forward to that one place, checking to ensure they're still open, and finding out their listing on the search engine you used wasn't updated. These moments can cause a business to lose some customers. (#digitalmarketing matters)

In business today, when we ask our smartphones for information before almost every purchase or decision, a subscription has replaced the Yellow Pages for businesses to maintain Top-of-Mind Awareness Through Others.

Digital Marketing a la carte options available 

This is the 2013 SEO Periodic Table of Elements I used as a foundation for digital marketing.


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