First, we make sure you're the owner of all of your branded pages.

  • This can all be covered starting at $298/mo. per location, with hourly human activity starting at $1/min... because it takes humans using the tools to manage customer service in today's smartphone oriented business environment.
  • Time required to set up, and manage, your portal subscription is included in your base subscription payment. 


There is a benefit of updating listings for search engine recommendations

Get your own:

  • Monthly Search Updates
  • Real-Time Review Tracking
  • Custom Feedback Generation
  • Keyword Gauging 
  • Text and Email Marketing
  • Search Analytics
  • Custom Local Search
  • Menus
  • Uber to your location code
  • Schema coding
  • Industry Specific Targeting (restaurant/healthcare/etc.)
  • Voice Compatible Slang Paraphrased Search

and then some... business search management WITH YOUR OWN OVERSIGHT LOGIN!

A. Ongoing campaign design and implementation

A plan is included with options provided if additional campaign materials are in use (upon client direction only).

Types of campaign tools we work with (not an exhaustive list):

  • Anything Using a Screen
  • Direct Mail
  • Banners
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Video Conference
  • Handwritten Notes
  • Postcards
  • Remarketing
  • PPC and SEM on Search Engines and Social Media
  • "Protect your Name" style PPC
  • Customer Service Follow Up
  • Newsletter
  • Swag
  • Pens
  • Etc.

B. complete customization to fit your priorities.

All you do is send us the information you come across that fits your expertise, and we answer your web inquiries and only pass on what you request.


Whenever you come across something you think represents you... simply send it over & we'll add it to your scheduled update.

  • Use the medium that you prefer.
  • Through phone, text, or email - we're a part of your team.
  • We don't work in your business or office.
  • We aren't the expert-in-the-field that you are.
  • When you come across something your audience would be interested in - you just forward it to your C.M Rep.  

D. Custom social media posting.

  • Industry-Relevant Articles.
  • Promotional Posts Linking To Your Website.
  • Your business offers, deals, discounts, events and pictures shared as you provide them to us.
  • We post on your schedule what you direct, when you direct.

• Memes, Gifs and Pics • Inspirational Quotes • Advice and Tips • Customer Reviews/Testimonials • Questions • On This Day in History • And More •


Whether on social media, search engines, blogs, emails, or other channels - we communicate as you direct.

We also run outreach campaigns on LinkedIn, NextDoor, Alignable (or other direct login websites):

  • We write out the steps you want us to follow.
  • We agree with you on if/then actions and responses.
  • We forward any unexpected or high priority comments requiring your direct attention.
  • Our team manage your outreach, on your behalf.

Respectful, friendly and targeted customer service chatting.

F. Syndicate your information.

Your portal knowledge graph keeps you accessible, updated and relevant.

  • Store the public facts about your business in a single source of accurate truth with Cell.Marketing Knowledge Graph Manager.
  • Create optimized, contextual, and magnetic webpages for your people, places, and products with Cell.Marketing Pages.
  • Control the public facts about your business across more than 100 digital services including Google, Apple Maps, Bing, Facebook, Yelp, and others with Cell.Marketing Listings
  • Bring your customer engagement into focus, everywhere, with Cell.Marketing Analytics
  • Collect, request and promptly reply to reviews across search engines with Cell.Marketing Reviews
  • Connect the power of your digital knowledge to the systems and processes you use everyday with the Cell.Marketing App Directory

G. Full access to everything we do

Oversee our work managing your business information, customer service and marketing, on the screens we all use to look up businesses.

  • Your portal login gives you control and oversight of our activity.
  • The portal login has customizable reports to focus on your highlighted priorities.
  • Your team is given tiered access to update and work on your campaigns and information.

H. We work with your existing team

From Website Updates, Pay Per Click (PPC), and IT management to any other management of your screen oriented systems and campaigns... we work with or pick up what your direct. 


I. We PICK UP WHAT YOU'RE MISSING (when you think the time is right).

Often, as clients learn what we are doing for them, the gaps and holes in a business web presence are impossible to ignore.

  • We will fill your screen based needs internally with our Cell.Maketing team.
  • We will run an RFP between the options for any specific vendor for areas which you would like to manage separately.
  • We will walk individuals your select to learn to manage areas of screen relevance and security which you would like run by someone you have pre-selected.  



We invite you (and/or someone from your organization) to complete our training(s).

  • 1 part: Portal Oversight Training.
  • 5 part (+1): Portal Management Training.
  • 13 week Behavioral Sales & Marketing Introduction.
  • Custom trainings on any Sales and/or Marketing tools and techniques available upon request.
** All trainings are included in your base subscriptions, but training is not required.



Put every customer engagement to work for your business — no matter where it takes place — and drive more business online and off with Cell.Marketing.

The ways your customers find and engage with information about your business has changed. Simple organic results are now replaced by intelligent answers in maps, apps, voice search tools, digital assistants, search engines, GPS systems, and social networks. These AI-powered services have created an entirely new channel where customers can engage with your business — are you in control of the answers they see across all these platforms?

Any client with over $1000/mo. in ongoing DIY and Cell.Marketing products and services combined qualifies for 0% markup on DIY Web Tools products.


Get Started!

Once you sign up, we'll be further along tomorrow than today.

Your Subscription's Search Engine Syndication Network

Training Special of the Month

Business Conversation 101 Training

This is a 1-hour course for those looking to brush up on the soft skillset of interacting with people across demographics courteously and clearly.

Communication tools may have changed, but the experience of the people involved in the conversation are still based on one person sharing their thoughts with another person.

This book is dedicated to all of us who just want to have clarity in communication, and would love to feel more confident with this skill set.


101: Conversation is a Game of Catch

102: Communication Mechanics

103: Communication Patterns & Habits

201: Good Communicators play Catch through a Mirror

202: Mirroring Techniques and Boundaries

301: Building Agreement on Agreement

401: Where do we go from here?


(A version of this course is also available as 13-week semester deep dive training.)