Abandon what you Thought you Knew

The typical business process has changed

A paradigm shift has taken place.

The digital revolution has not only changed our business activity, but even personal inspiration and family communication is channeled through this brave new web-based world. There are plenty of reasons to argue that voice-to-voice sales is superior to electronic communication. The question is not which I prefer, but how should I combine what I use to reach my target client. A house can be built with only windows or only solid walls, but the comfortable and affordable choice is to combine both… strategically.

The foundation of traditional sales tactics assume a prospect will stop whatever they are doing and thinking to process a sales pitch—just because they are asked. This is no longer the case. Traditional sales and marketing is now considered an intrusion with uninvited contact and manipulated opinion. Purely digital sales and marketing is indifferently impersonal. There’s probably no one in the developed world that is free from the exasperating vexation linked to, “press 1 to continue in frustration… press 2 to leave a message”. A smart builder uses the right tools for the right job on the right foundation. Don’t get left behind, by being digitally illiterate.

It’s as simple as learning a language with a four letter alphabet.

A) Appoint a target client.
B) Build connection sites.
C) Create and engage content.
D) Develop leads into clients.