The trick to marketing in today's connected world is pre-targeting and always bringing unique value.

Before you start to figure out how you're going to get your message and brand in front of your target audience, and in turn in front of your target clients, it's a good idea to define who that Target Client

Tool is also available at (it will forward to a PDF through Google Drive)


Do orientation so you understand what the words mean:

No one likes to admit they don't know something, but ignorance is curable. Self-certainty (especially when combined with ignorance) is fatal.

Our primary SEO guide is the SEO Periodic Table

Other recommended reading:

Keep track of where people find you.

There are a number of tools that are available, and a couple that have historically been reliable to ROI, but if you don't ask every new contact where they found you... marketing will always seem like magic.

Everything seems like magic without science.

Select keywords

Keywords are the combination of letters and spaces which people search... typically by asking an electronic device like a smart phone or alexa/google home type device. These phrases are as complex as the language people use to search.

There are as many tools to selecting the right keywords, as there are people on the internet. Here's a free tool that can help you brainstorm the keywords currently used on the top search sites.

These keywords and key phrases function like a physical address works for a retail shop... but for the Search Engines. Search Engines are just computers (which are complex series of on/off switches), so let them know who to send your way.

Use Keywords everywhere.

Say "Thank you" to everyone who refers someone

Whether that referral turns into a paying client or not... referrals are the life source of business in this socially connected world of interwebs.  The more personal the "Thank You!" the higher the likelihood that they will refer again.

Here's some options for how to reach out with a consistent Thank You for all who send you business:

  • PHONE CALL (be considerate of their time)
  • ETC.

Schedule a call

Sign up for DIY class

Give feedback



Couple options to keep in mind, if you're still not sure about your first step:

1. Get a video to share

There are a number of ways we can make a video - from the smartphone we carry, to free filming with paid TV ads.

• Turn a PowerPoint into a video • Infomercial your product or service • Presentation Videos • YouTube Video Ads • Instagram/Facebook formatted videos & GIFs • Explainer Videos • Marketing Videos • And More •

3. Social Media Daily Posting

Have conversations with people who might refer your business.

Every day we hand-pick and create the best content; Industry-Relevant Articles, Promotional Posts Linking To Your Website. We’ll also be happy to post your business offers, deals, discounts, events and pictures.

We will also post: (if suitable)

• Memes, Gifs and Pics • Inspirational Quotes • Advice and Tips •
• Customer Reviews/Testimonials • Questions • On This Day in History • And More •

5. Submit your sitemap to Search Engines:

You still aren't required to pay for this, but it's important enough to remind you here... since you were so nice to read this far:

Submit your sitemap to Search Engines:

View how your location looks on the top 100+ search engines.