Reputation Communication

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Base everything on Value

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Base everything you share on value

Lack of communicating value provokes buyers to think that they can get what you sell from a number of other vendors, locations, or websites. It doesn’t matter if it’s accurate or not… if the buyer thinks it – it’s a reality in the only mind that matters. The marketplace belief is that everything is a commodity or it’s a new invention… and then it will be a commodity in 6 months. Bells and whistles are fine ways to distinguish yourself (to emotionally stimulate the buyer), but if you’re aiming at setting yourself apart based solely on features, advantages, and benefits; the only way to consistently earn business is to drop your price. This always-accessible-cyber-resource destroys the number one bells and whistles selling tactic… the misconception that “information is exclusive”. Value is worth buying, so it will still sell when the buyer does their research.

Pay Attention. (period)

People place a high value on insightful advice. If you’re the one who understands what they really need (and are asking), you can sell what is an inferior product or service – based solely on the fact that you’re the only one who can speak to what is foundationally on the buyer’s mind. 

Give value and track your expertise. Know the people who follow and listen to you. Touch base with them on a scheduled basis. 

They are your referral partners and may even be your next lead.

Global Issue: Who do we trust?

A sad side note of our reality is that politicians and religious leaders aren’t in the top 10 trustworthy positions held, whereas corporate experts are rated the second most valued opinion (next to an academic expert). 

The primary difference is: When dealing with a corporate expert, it is understood that they’re looking out for their own good, whereas political and religious leaders are thought to be (and claim to be driven) for the good of others, when it is clear that they are their only agenda. (typically)

This incongruence makes their opinion and influence lose its value when clear self-interest is trusted. It seems broken and backwards, but it’s true. 

Computer Work: Communicate Expertise

There are hundreds of channels to communicate expertise. Two samples are: 1) Your own page where you create content on an ongoing basis, and 2) An expertise Q&A platform. 

Q&A forum:

If you’re using a Q&A forum, look for a question that your target client would be asking and answer it. As you search past answers that are posted you may quickly begin to realize that many of the people who proclaim expertise need to stand corrected. Be nice when you disagree—experts don’t need to argue… they just know.

Your own page:

Add one piece of expert advice that your clients could benefit from knowing. Think through your past month and answer one question or address one issue that you (as the value adding expert) know the answer to. Schedule a time tomorrow to do this again.