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Startup Message…

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Hello, and thank you for your Cell.Marketing subscription! We think you made a good decision, but we’re a little biased.

This is your introductory email overviewing your search, social, internet marketing/customer service subscription. You should receive a paper packet via USPS soon with much of this email’s same information. We’ll walk through all this with you & take it a step at a time. One of the best parts! At any point you see anything related to what we do, just forward it to me. We’ll check it out and get back to you with how it fits into your current setup and objectives. We’re on the same team. We’re glad to be working together.

Initial information to get started (sooner than later: s’il yous plait):

Click here to jump to our initial info online form

Also, feel free to just reply to this email with your answers as well.

  • The contact information we need to be verified by you:
    • Owner/Marketer/DM name: ______________________________
    • Owner/Marketer/DM email: ______________________________
    • Owner/Marketer/DM phone: ______________________________
    • Owner/Marketer/DM preferred contact days/times: _________________________
    • Point of Contact name: __________________________
    • Point of Contact Email: __________________________
    • Point of Contact Phone: _________________________
    • Point of Contact preferred contact days/times: ____________________________

Within the First Week:

  • I’ll schedule a face-to-face setup with the Point of Contact, which requires a little over one hour. We will review the attached files as well as map out our planned scope of work:
    • overview guide PDF
    • SEO Periodic Table from JPG (This is a picture of what the industry experts recommend & we follow)
  • I’ll also schedule an initial setup call with Owner/Marketer/DM. It is essential for you to inform me specifically who has access to which logins, your preferred priorities for permissions, and who makes what decisions within this scope of work.
  • Cell.Marketing requires a semi-monthly to bi-monthly 5-minute check-in call with the Owner/Manager/DM. This keeps your internet presence connected to the ins & outs of your daily business and is unnegotiable.
    • If these 5-minute check-ins are not going to work for you, please let me know and we’ll get your initial payment refunded before it’s deposited.
  • Or, I typically just reach out to you in the next few business days.

Within the First Month:

  • We’ll aim to help you collect logins, and assigned pages, and connect it all registering you as the owner of your business’s intellectual property
    • Initial logins: C.M Portal, Web Tools, Google, FB, Yelp, etc.
    • Other standalone sites, like LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, industry-specific, food/medical, etc.
    • Your Website: Google Search, Analytics, registered, etc.
  • Review the Search Checklist and schedule follow-ups with the Point of Contact
  • Register Search Social Websites, confirming logins and security with the Owner/Marketer/DM as well as the Point of Contact
  • Have our first 5-minute check-in with the Owner/Manager/DM.

Within the First Quarter:

  • We’ll begin working with Point of Contact on your SEO & Internet Marketing/Customer Service

setup & management using C.M TOOLS like these downloadable PDFs:

Ongoing training & help sessions:

  1. Local Search Niche & Cell.Marketing Portal Overview
  2. SEO for your website & other website tools
  3. Social Media, Reviews & Customer Service
  4. Targeted Campaign Plan, Actions & Tracking

These trainings are for clients who want to be trained or have a team member trained. Training is optional but available to current subscribers. Weekly live pieces of training rotate through each of the four topics monthly and conclude with a time for Q&A regarding issues users bring for discussion. We highly recommend that the Point of Contact complete this four-part baseline understanding of how this works and which tools will help you achieve your end goals.

Thank you again, and we look forward to being in touch.

Dan Wilson
o: 720-900-4577
c: 720-298-9898