Start up Next Steps:

Our Process: Our work is quite simple, even though it includes almost every communication tool available today.

  1. Define a clear Target Customer, and provide us with necessary access to your brand and campaign assets.
    • First, a 2-3 hour information transfer session is required. We meet with you to collect information, login permissions, and brand files. We talk through your target client because intent is a large factor in how to catch someone who's surfing. We talk through top relationships from comparable/competition websites to referral partner identification and engagement. We intend to get an understanding of the other business communications currently and historically used and aim to clarify each of our expectations. The most productive portion of our time is often brainstorming keywords together. It's more fun than it sounds.
  2. We then create Top 5, 20, and 100 Keyword Lists of profitable search phrases your people are currently typing and voice searching for your product or service.
    • Next, our team uncovers the most profitable search phrases and keywords that people are currently searching, who are looking for your business or industry.
    • Then, we will interact with you for 20-30 minutes to confirm and select the top 1, 3, 5, 20, and top 100 keyword lists. We populate your web pages with those keywords, associating which local search designations are selected for your target client and how the profitable keywords we uncovered are best grouped with the existing pages on your website to represent your brand.
  3. Update search and social websites and the top five pages on your website(s) with those same key search terms.
    1. We finally use this information to populate your knowledge graph on our search engine syndication portal. We will write custom titles and descriptions for your media before uploading them to 100+ search engines and social media websites, connecting these same phrases with your website SEO in our next phase of development.
  4. Roll out communication campaigns to connect your people through their customer journey while attracting new people to that customer journey. Create and manage the ongoing communications campaign plan, with assigned roles based on your monthly budget.
  5. Report, review, and adjust following your informed decisions.

Samples of Agency packages:

Setup Cell.Marketing and launch your Local SEO Communication Management Subscription

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Subscribers receive training and tools, including:

  • Two set training meetings within your first month
  • Monthly sessions for the next four months after the setup
  • Full access to our Subscriber Portal
  • Weekly live training is available for all current subscribers