Start up Next Steps:

Our Process:

  1. Overview of SEO and Internet Marketing
  2. Claim and inform Search Engines
  3. Fix what is broken
  4. Identify your Target(s)
  5. List words/phrases that target uses to find you
  6. Build your Campaign Pipeline
  7. Create to Engage your Target
  8. Report, review, and adjust

Samples of Agency packages:

month-to-month Options:


Local SEO Communication Management Subscription

Own your intellectual property. Subscribers receive training and tools; including two setup training meetings within your first month, monthly sessions for the next four months after setup, and full access to our Subscriber Portal. Weekly live training is available for all current subscribers.


SEarch and Social Portal Subscription

The Cell.Marketing team manages your search and social reputation; including up to two websites/apps/locations, monthly website updates, weekly social media posts, as well as a blog or marketing email each month - and your only role is to direct us on what you want to be communicated and we share it. All subscriptions are based on subscriber permission, access, and direction.


Full Internet Brand Management Subscription

Our Marketing Manager coordinates your reputation across the web, including up to five websites/apps/locations, weekly website updates, daily social media posts, and up to 2 blogs or marketing emails each month. Everyday replies and comments on social networks are available and included. Subscriber communicates and approves shared content.