TOMATO Marketing

T.O.M.A.T.O. is the purpose for modern branding:

Top Of the Mind Awareness Through Others.

Almost every client we meet with wants the next viral campaign that is build on $1,000 and has millions of followers on every social media channel. There seems to be an assumption that the digital world is like new magic; that it costs nothing and provides world changing results. The reality is, however, much different. There is no difference between the hours it takes a man or woman to stand at their post in a factory creating a widget, which is only possible because another man or woman invested hundreds of hours drawing the plans for how to build the machine that is used to build the widget. It’s all time. So, how does the digital world benefit a small to medium sized business (or should we just use the traditional billboards and newspaper ads?

The reason digital marketing is vital is that people use computers and handhelds all day… everyday. Your clients, employees, vendors, and future clients are looking at a computer screen right now. The only way you can reach them is to be present. This brings up one of the most difficult points for business owners and salespeople; you can’t control what people do with your information – you can only make it available. It’s a true democracy of thought.

Your top of the mind awareness needs to be communicated through othersThere are countless studies done that all say the same thing; people spend money where their friends tell them it’s safe.

The juggernaut in modern marketing is wrapped around keeping yourself in front of your referral base while not talking about yourself so much that they ignore what you have to say.

Referrals are the rain making source of sales today, and your business lifeblood tomorrow.