Two Legged Appointment

Video Conferencing covers the distance

There is perhaps no other industry that brings more quips, cliches, and tricks to the trade than sales. One of the most common is, “A sales call is like a three-legged stool.” As long as all three legs are attached, the stool is secure. If one of them is missing the whole thing becomes useless. The basic premise is that if you have a contract that requires two or more people’s decision before moving forward, it is foolish to sit down and meet with only one of them (if you are hoping to close the deal today). There is no easier brush off than, “I need to ask… my spouse, my boss, my partner, my (insert anyone that is not present)”.

Sales on the web doesn’t remedy basic sales needs

Even though digital communication has removed the need for physical proximity, it is a fatal error to not insure all decision makers are on board through the sales process. If one is missing, it’s not a closing. A 3 legged stool that is missing a leg is worthless – just like a sales appointment with only two of the three people present. The beauty is; if you have our Social Web Lite package – you have the tools to virtually conference at your fingertips.

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