Affiliate marketing is typically a handshake agreement. We like to get to know our affiliate team. Affiliate marketing is, like every other marketing, all about the relationships we make and keep.

Every Affiliate Partner, after completing the signup process, will receive 15% of the gross monthly billable for as long as that client is with Cell.Marketing.*

Typical Affiliate Process:

  • You fill out the form below,
  • We meet your references,
  • We both meet over Zoom, and
  • We both agree, or we wish each other well.

"We do Local SEO Communication Management. It may be a turnkey solution, communication is relationships and we need to make sure we know each other before we get into business together."

Over a Decade of Industry Expertise:

Quit trying to invent the wheel, get certified to be a Cell.Marketing Communications Manager and focus on what you're best at.

We look forward to meeting you:

Even though this is an affiliate relationship, we cannot move forward without completing the referral section.

If you don't have this many people who will speak to your reliability, please contact [email protected] for any special considerations.

* Web Tools are not compensatable, because they are privately labeled by Cell.Marketing. However, Affiliate Partners with a gross monthly billing of over $1000 are considered in-house team members and qualify for zero markups on Web Tools (which is a better price than direct).

Residual monthly commission for licensed Affiliate Partners:

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