Almost 1.5 decades in the biz:


Created Modern Web Marketing Discussion Starter video series.

These videos are stored unlisted on a YouTube playlist for archival purposes here.


The Digital Marketing Almanac - 2012

THE digital MARKETING 2012 ALMANAC.pptx (2)
THE digital MARKETING 2012 ALMANAC.pptx (3)
THE digital MARKETING 2012 ALMANAC.pptx (4)
THE digital MARKETING 2012 ALMANAC.pptx (5)
THE digital MARKETING 2012 ALMANAC.pptx (6)

In 2012, the internet and social websites were on the verge of livestreaming (which really started in 2015), but were central to how business communicated. This Almanac of Sales and Marketing tools and techniques covered the options available to entrepreneurs.


Brushflame Marketing; DIY 4 CD boxset (complete with six 50-80 page fill in the blank booklets to personalize each training as you listen).

This behavioral communication oriented training guide was a complete toolkit for those who intended to understanding, and influencing, their business' online presence and reputation.

2016 to 2022

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Selling 

This collection of worksheets, which are bound as a book, accompanied projects and trainings. The brand during this time was - viewable using linked picture of the homepage:

bring order out of chaos

An archived version of this website is preserved at the following link:

This training manual in book format is the foundational text for our 13-week training cycle. This training is available upon request and is typically run four times a year with 1 training per week.

The official name of this book is The Entrepreneur's Guide to Selling: The painful, stretching, thick process of getting other people to give you money. 

Available on Amazon for $9.99 in Paperback or 99 cents in Kindle format. Book is included in the 13-week training costs. All QuickStart clients receive a Word doc version of this book to search by term or copy and paste text (with approval).


2023 to present

Local SEO Communication Management

Hi. I'm Search ToMATO.

In business today, search engines and social media business web pages have replaced the Yellow Book providing Top-of-Mind Awareness Through Others.

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