Connect your website with Search Engines

Review Publishing

Publish first-party reviews on your website so reviews listed will be kept up to date without requiring reoccurring web developer costs to keep the reviews you're showing up to date.

Schema Tags

Add registered Knowledge Tags to your website.

Cell.Marketing Knowledge Tags allows you to add schema and easily sync entity information from your Cell.Marketing portal to your website.

Listen to your customers and visitors

Review Insights

See the total count and distribution of your ratings (and how they impact your business).

Sentiment Analysis

Gain a deep understanding of how specific key words correlate with positive or negative sentiment in your reviews (Sentiment Analysis is not supported on Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews, and can only be processed in English, Japanese and Spanish).

Provide responsive Customer Service

Intelligent Review Response

Harness the power of Sentiment Analysis to build an effective response to reviews across the Cell.Marketing Search Engine Network, as well as to any first-party reviews you generate.

Competitive Intelligence

Track how your star rantings and performance in search results stack up against five (5) competitors, then use this information to adjust marketing campaigns to focus in on marking the right target.

Google Q&A Connection Service

See and answer the questions your customers are asking about your business on Google, and sync your most common FAQs to your Google Maps listing.

Review Generation

Collect reviews from your customers and visitors via email, text message or your personalized review website landing page.

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