Start here… who are you?

I like to think of myself as a vast combination of unique factors that have made me what I am today; and I prefer to view those around me with general assumptions that are based on the choices they have made. I have reasons for my actions; they have excuses. The most effective brands honestly assess themselves and others.

Sales & marketing starts with understanding how we are seen.

  • General assumptions are real (whether they’re justified or not)
  • We choose to be and do

The client is a Vast combination of unique factors that have made them what they are.

Knowing yourself is the launch pad that must be secure before you can ever create a brand to orbit above your pitch (which is business).

Reality doesn’t matter – perception is reality

In order to understand others, it is vital that you

  • Admit who you are
  • Know what you believe
  • Choose what you focus on
  • Change or enhance whatever mental framework you are in

Learn the processes by which you create the internal movie of the outside reality.

Our subjective experience has a structure, and how we think about something affects how we experience it.

In almost every communication, we can be sure

  • What we say is rarely (if ever) what is received
  • What we understand is almost never exactly what is being communicated

You cannot – not communicate.

  • 70% of communication is non-verbal
  • Silence can communicate more powerfully than words could ever attain.

What do others see as ‘you’?

  • Past experiences
  • Present communication
  • Expressions of Future expectations