10 steps of Writing Down an Objective (#7-10)

Clearly understand yourself

Seventh: Translate the Outcome into your Sphere of Influence’s language.

The simplest manner to acquire this translation is to ask people who are in your target market to be a test subject. If there’s no one you can use, a functional fall back is to think of a movie or TV character that would personify someone in your sphere of influence. Imagine yourself sitting with them and listen to the language and manner with which their character translates what you define as your designed outcome. Hear these test market subjects communicate the top benefits of these two end results, what the outcomes will offer them, and why. If you don’t know anyone in your desired sphere of influence (and have no imagination), ask a friend to help you. They usually will, because opposites attract.

Eighth: Once more through the Fifth Step landmines.

Self sabotage is only slightly better than being unaware of self sabotage. Compare the two final end results with all internal and external potential issues. Double check if there are people or groups that frequent your sphere of influence that may have an issue with your objective or be confused by them. Is there any combination that is present for positive or negative? Keep in mind, you’re not there to make a statement – you’re there to do business. If your top outcome has a landmine, use your backup.

Ninth: Write your end result outcome description timeline.

Describe the effects of realizing each of these top two outcomes combined with the personal satisfaction of the journey to achieve them. Reaffirm your selection of the optimum objective you will achieve. Break down the outcome into actionable tasks. Record the deadlines for each step to be completed, as well as the date that your desired end result will be a present reality.

  • Be specific.
  • Keep it positive.
  • Make sure it’s within your control.
  • Practice emotional connection by imagining the feeling of experiencing this end result.

Tenth: Tell someone that you’re committing to achieving the designed outcome by the chosen date.