Design Your Outcome

You get what you focus on.

Be positive. Write it down.

Marketing includes no step by step GPS guidance system that informs each moment of uncertainty with your current location as well as the next three turns (complete with expected timeline). There may be no map, but a compass is vital. Your compass may be defined as an end result, or an objective, or a vision and mission, but without this designed outcome you’re merely assigning yourself busywork and won’t recognize if and when you’ve been successful. It’s easy to feel lost in the middle of a campaign, but that doesn’t mean your compass it broken. When sales and marketing efforts are intentional steps toward an outcome, there is a spark of purpose that will get you out of bed in the morning and keep you on track through the day.

An articulated end result gives purpose and focus to daily activities.

Use Positive Terms:

From pastors to entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 corner offices, one of the great pitfalls leaders are seduced into is giving effort to NOT be something. There is a time for articulating parameters and a place to form boundaries, but the time is not during conception and the place doesn’t describe the outcome. A marksman is not considered excellent for the ability to miss a target, but rather when a large target has a tiny arrow sized bull’s-eye… and they can fit the arrow’s tip into the eye.

A positive expression of the desired end result is essential. A list of positive words is provided for those who may have spent a little too long developing a bit too much comfort recognizing and expressing the errors of their world—rather than the positive.

For Instance: Imagine Yourself

If you consider yourself to be shy, imagine the best case scenario if you were socially confident. See and Hear: yourself in confident conversations. Allow your imagination to play through social interactions with enough detail to mentally and emotionally experience what you desire your current reality to reflect.

Your beliefs may need to get past your memories.

The more vividly you can see yourself in a ‘character’ that is not historically what you have presented or acted out, the quicker you will enable yourself to be… whomever you have imagined yourself to be.