Speaking Sales and Marketing in the Digital Age

Five Letter Alphabet for Speaking Sales and Marketing in the Digital Age:

This list is organized from the perspective and process of the company or individual that is doing the sales and marketing.

Appoint a Target Client: There is simply too much content on the web to not aim at a specific niche. Your message will be lost.

Build Connection Sites: These include any page on the web where contact with a potential client (lead) is gathered or exchanged. Your brand is standardized here. This covers who you are and why people are willing to give you money.

Create and Engage Content: Although content is targeted at a specific client, it doesn’t have to be created by you. Good content creates engagement and ends with relationship.

Develop Leads into Clients: Where web marketing transitions into web sales. The same digital tools, but more personal and increasingly direct.

Evaluate and Assess Results: Social media and web presence is not only new, but it is continually evolving. Keep up with what’s working or you’ll think you’re active – but no one is looking.

Unpredictable Lead Source Example: An old lead (A) may reconnect with your brand (B) through content (C) you share and draw them to a connection site (B) that mentions a product launch article (C) they didn’t know you offered… BLAM, you have a new client (D). Only real certainty is; if you don’t’ use any of it—nothing is sure to happen.