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Google Penguin update in weeks, Change the Ads you see on Facebook and Get Rid of Facebook ads

This week we’re going to take a look at business on the web.  We’re going to take a look at a Google Penguin update that is supposed to happen in “weeks”.  Very exciting for those of us who actually do SEO correctly (and don’t try and cheat Google). Very EXCITING!

Google Penguin was just stated on Twitter (bizarre that serious corporate announcements take place on Twitter – but…) Gary Illyes wrote, “I’ll go with weeks. We’re aiming for launching penguin this quarter, but we don’t have a more precise timeframe.”. The question of weeks of months – is responded to with weeks.

What is Google Penguin update and why does it matter?

  • Google came up with a penguin update in 2012. it was an update that made fake (or purchased) links to increase SEO… that google would  penalize you. Being penalized by Google is a bad idea!

The new update is a big deal, but how to you fix it?

  • You can a Google Disavowal tool to… disavow these links. First off; the reason links are important… in S.E.O. every link to your site is like a vote. The more authoritative the link; the more powerful the vote. For example: (when voting for president) if someone who was a past president tells you whom they’re going to vote for… you’d probably pay attention to that, whereas if I told you who I was going to vote for; you probably shouldn’t’ care, because I’m not a politician… I’m someone who does business on the web. The more authoritative the power of the site that is linking to your website, the more authoritative the link (or the vote). Google is going to have a new update with penguin, and you can disavow these links by telling Google they’re no good. If you’re an Effective Connect client who did something like this in the past – please let us know. We need to make sure our efforts aren’t hindered by trying to cheat without us knowing. If you’re not… you should address this. Search engine is a good source to help with this.

How To get create a call to action on Facebook page.

  • This is important thought it looks the same… it just doesn’t have the all-important Call to Action (CTA). With this button completed, if someone want to go right to you – it’s a click away. Without this, they can like your page, but don’t have your desired action at the click of a button. This button is also on the search results. If you search for a plumber in Denver, co, the search results page (when you hover over the company name) the call to action will show up as an option. Why wouldn’t you have a response. The whole idea is to turn all this traffic and social engagement into business, so why not give them as many chances as possible to connect with you?
  • The options are (when in your editor) a “create call to action” option. You get to choose from; shop now, use app, book now, watch video, contact us, sign up, etc. It’s the point of having this page. Customizable for different devices, but follow the prompts and create a call to action.

Ask Dan (digital etiquette); “How to I get rid of annoying ads on FB?”

  • When you hover on the ad click the little down triangle. These little triangles all over Facebook are shortcuts to what you want. When you click this on an ad; you can either: hide it, save the link, ask for more ads like this (with this ad is useful), or ask why you’re seeing the ad and get into controlling the ads you see. For this ad; I fit into the demographic they were looking for. This is a beautiful part of pay-per-click on social media. You get to zero in on exactly who you’re trying to hit. If you say it’s not useful, you get to change that specific ad, and tell them it’s not what I want to see. You can see, that UBER knows how to do a call to action, because there’s a button to “sign up” when you hover over the name of this page. If you’re trying to change you “ad preferences” you get to select what you are categorized as. How Facebook categorizes you. Click “see more” and you get to see all the categorizations; click the “x” on the right to control the ads.