Always give value

Buyers believe they can get what you sell from a number of other vendors

  • Accuracy of their opinion doesn’t matter
  • If the buyer thinks it – it’s a reality in the only mind that matters
  • Reality of the Marketplace: whatever you sell is a commodity

FAB is dead (Feature Advantage Benefit) and resurrected as VALUE

  • If you are aiming at setting yourself apart based on Feature, Advantage, and Benefit the only way to consistently earn business is Lower your Price
  • This is unsustainable in today’s “economy of scale” based business world – because there’s always someone bigger (and cheaper)

Opportunity comes from the market place lacking product differentiation

  • People place high value on useful advice
  • Corporate Experts are the second most valued opinion (next to academic experts)


  • If you consistently create content that shows your expertise, buyers will look for you when they’re in the market
  • Does giving up your expertise overrides the benefit of changing vendors – even at a lower price

Buyers are currently online looking for value

  • We search online for information to figure out the best option (for ourselves)
  • Buyers want your sales pitch to be available when they’re looking for it, but not pushed upon them

Your Brand is whatever they think it is

Harness your Superpower of Assumptions and Expectations – we have more power than we think.

It is wise to assess past obstacles. It is foolish to trap my imagination into a cycling-view of negative scenarios that only feed on my emotional reaction. It may feel good growing my addiction to [whatever appetite/emotion being fed], but it is typically not beneficial to a new client signing the contract. Control of self will supercharge any communicator, and a good brand will become the frame.