Choose Your Sphere of Influence

Social Network vs Sphere of Influence

Choose your sphere of influence

Your sphere of influence is more than the people you call friends, because influence is spread by contact. Some people that you touch are known to you, while others are hidden. You control which circles your personal brand (who you are and why people should pay attention to you) is intentionally communicated, but influence is never completely controllable. Every social group functions with their own set of mannerisms, standards, and etiquette. Engaging a sphere of influence follows a recipe of learning how to find groups and individuals you can use for your end without seeming selfish; to search for business leads through inquiring about others. This is the tension that must be held.

Any interaction with people is a part of your sphere of influence. Whether you are influential or not is a result of words and actions, opinions, and engagements. In pursuit of simplicity, the two designations of events that can be a part of your sphere of influence are in-person and virtual:

  1. In-person events are where you physically meet other people. Often these require an invitation, but are centered around a specific purpose or point of affinity.
  2. Virtual events usually involve websites where you check in at your leisure, give your input, read other’s input, and log off when you’re done (or bored). Sometimes you meet at a certain time or around a specific live event, but all engagement is through a video screen.

Communication is weaved in and out of these two channels.

Give attention to others’ hints and words while you ask and engage specific people directly.