Assign a Target

Sales Training

Just because the tools have changed, doesn’t mean every sales and marketing tactic can be thrown out the window. Sales is a face-to-face sport, and marketing success is determined by its focus. Most people assume that sales success requires a quick wit and polished tongue added to the ability to read the person across from you, but those skills do nothing if you don’t have… the right person across from you.

Whether you’re looking at LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or a Blog – you can’t reach everyone on the web with any one piece of content (or one business presence for that matter).

Web sales and marketing; aim small, miss small

Solution: Position yourself where your target client looks, and follow up every lead with such polite consistency that the moment they are ready to spend money they only look for you. A consistent struggle in sales and marketing (especially in the digital age) is not following up too much, and not waiting too long to get back in touch. After all, it’s so easy to just reach out whenever you think of their business… it doesn’t take any time at all… when you think of it – you’re just sending an email. How much harm can an email cause?

The risk is; if you’re not targeted on a specific client, you don’t know when you should reach out to them and if you are annoying someone with emails who works out of the office, you will be a turn-off and they’ll ignore your advances (even when they want your product or service). No one likes to be in a meeting and have their phone go off multiple times. If you’re one of many interruptions at an inopportune time; you will be cataloged as annoying.

People may be looking for your product and engage content you create, but a target client will experience a level of rapport that grows from a perceived similarity. Even when target clients don’t buy, they naturally become the best referral partners you could hope for – if you’ve handled them correctly.

Know who you’re aiming at, and target your follow-up based on their preferences.