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What is your Brand?

  • You don’t have to create an entirely new product to establish a unique personal brand
  • What’s your Unique Value Proposition? 
    • Use one characteristic to distinguish yourself online
    • What is it that makes you stand out?

TOMATO: is a great guide for modern branding

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Market through the Top Of The Mind Awareness Through Others. TOMATO marketing.

Form a Target Client Focused Brand

Consumers collect advice from any expert that sounds reputable, but we purchase from those we trust. If we don’t know anyone in a certain field, we’ll buy from people that our friends (or trusted sources) validate as safe – by referral. Upside potential to downside risk is the calculation that determines your brand’s likelihood of referral.  

Get positive endorsements on every channel you know. Each time someone likes your company page/profile/etc; it tells their network that your company is a safe business. If someone sends you a message that sings your praise on Google/Yelp/Facebook, save it as a favorite/bookmark/etc. so that visitors can find them. An old management cliché is to criticize is private and praise in public. If someone offers you a praise – make it public. 

Be a Happy Brand – it’s attractive!

It is not necessary to wait for a kind word to spontaneously appear. It is acceptable (and wise) to ask for referrals. Each time someone gives you a complement – immediately ask them if they’d be willing to say that on social media or a directory listing. Whatever conversation you have on social media should always be in the positive (at least as it is within your control). 

What face do you leave on the top of your referral source’s minds?

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What is your brand? You don’t have to create an entirely new product to establish a unique personal brand. 

  • Use one characteristic to distinguish yourself (clients typically remember only one). 
  • Write out the unique value proposition of your Brand;
    • Something that makes you standout
    • Something that makes you exceptional
    • A point, a thought, a concept, that in your industry, you might be the only one who sees what you see.

Referrals are the rain making source of sales today, and your business lifeblood tomorrow. Give them a reason to refer.